March for Science – Downtown Cincinnati

It was a dreary and chilly Saturday in downtown Cincinnati but that didn’t stop the hundreds (thousands? I’m awful at guessing the size of crowds) of people that showed up to the March for Science. There were definitely larger marches around the world, but┬áthere was something special about being at your city’s march. One speaker brought up the fact that some of the most important scientists came from Cincinnati:┬áNeil Armstrong, Henry Heimlich,
George Rieveschl (inventor of Benadryl), among others. Between the speakers and the turn-out, it was hard not to be proud to be a Cincinnatian.

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What is Indie Cincy?

Indie Cincy

(Hint: I’m not really sure)

Welcome to Indie Cincy! I’m Matt. I’m not exactly sure what this will become. I have some big aspirations. For now, it’s a blog that focuses on entertainment, events, news, and everything Cincinnati. They’ll no doubt be a strong focus on the urban core rather than the suburbs.

Expect to see posts related to Cincinnati proper, Covington, and Newport. That’s not to say that there isn’t some awesome stuff going on in other areas. That’s simply what this blog will probably focus on.

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