Second Annual Running of the Goebel Goats

The Goebel Goats were out on Sunday and so were the hundreds who came to watch them run. Prior to the actual running of the goats was the Westside Spring Celebration hosted by The Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington. The celebration took place in the lot next to the old Hellmann Lumber building. There was plenty to eat, cold Braxton beer to drink, and tons of booths to check out. I’m not going to lie, I was somewhat hoping for a repeat of last year.  Covington made national headlines when the goats ran loose around the city and led everyone on a 24-hour chase.

Westside Spring Celebration - Covington, KY


Did I mention that there were chickens? Yeah, there were chickens. You could purchase everything you needed to be an urban chicken farmer.

Chicken at the Westside Spring Celebration

After checking out all the booths, we anxiously waited for some goats. I can only imagine how confused the people driving down 12th Street were.

This pig was getting a lot of attention…

Time to see some goats! It was a bit of a rocky start; the goats didn’t want to cooperate.

As the race continued, the pace picked up and I suddenly found myself running to keep up with a bunch of goats.

The goats will be at Goebel Park this summer if you’d like to check them out. They’ll be clearing the underbrush at the park.

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